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My name is Kira Stellato. I am a Licensed Social & Health Psychologist, mindfulness and meditation teacher with a PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Sciences.
I counsel individuals and entrepreneurs around the world, notably in the field of change and stress management in times of crisis. I grew up in a family environment filled with trauma, grief and mental health issues. That is why I chose to be a therapist and I’m very passionate about my work, the focus of which is to help people live healthy, fulfilling, and mindful lives and successfully adapt to change. I truly believe that within each of us there is an inner light of creativity, awareness and joy that we can find and develop even through challenging times.
That is why, in my daily practice, I help my clients reconnect with their stronger and positive self through empathy, unconditional emotional support, and authenticity. To do so, I implement a humanistic & positive psychology approach integrating compassionate mindfulness with mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Although the treatment I provide is tailored to each individual’s unique circumstances, my approach will always be solution-focused, whether carried through individual sessions and/or workshops, both in person or through telepsychology. I love creativity and use expressive methods in my team work with the client, such as journaling, narrative medicine, journaling, and phototherapy techniques.
I’ve been in practice for over 20 years and I’m happy to provide all my clients with a safe, non-judgmental environment to support, educate and empower them to achieve their optimal state of health and well-being, while facing stressful personal, professional and family transitions.

You can write your personal success story. Stay healthy!

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My Services

I work both in my private practice and through telepsychology across the world with clients +18, notably on the following topics:

  • Counseling and Psychological Support both to individuals and couples.
  • Personal growth & healthy lifestyles
  • Problem solving and communication issues
  • Mindfulness-based stress management
  • Working through life transitions
  • Chronic illness
  • Grief and spirituality

I can meet you either in my office, or via digital platforms. Please, feel free to contact me and we can discuss which is, for you, the most viable and effective approach.

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